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After pre-flight planning but before dispatch a pilot accepts an additional 3000 kg of the traffic load, but in error does not recalculate the aircraft’s performance: Assuming that the take- off phase is achieved safely, subsequent effects of this error would include…
  • A
    an improved angle of climb and increased obstacle clearance
  • B
    an increase in the fuel flow and specific range
  • C
    a reduction in the fuel flow and endurance
  • D
    a reduction in the rate of climb and the range

Excessive mass in itself reduces the safety margins available to the pilot, and becomes even more hazardous when other performance-reducing factors are combined with overweight.

Heavier airplane consume more fuel, and need longer distance for takeoff and landing, more over that the climb performance is reduced, if airplane becomes overloaded that puts it in risk.

Correct Answer: a reduction in rate of climb and the range.

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