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Flying manually during a final approach, the flight director system is engaged in the G/S mode (tracking of ILS Glide Slope). If the aircraft is above the ILS Glide Slope, the horizontal command bar:
  • A
    will be centred if the pilot is applying the correct pitch angle in order to return on the ILS Glide Slope.
  • B
    is automatically centred since the G/S mode is engaged.
  • C
    cannot be centred.
  • D
    will be centred only when established on the ILS Glide Slope.
The horizontal command bar of the FD supplies information about the direction and magnitude of the corrections to be applied to the pitch angle of the aircraft. The horizontal bar is always associated with the pitch channel.

When tracking the ILS glideslope, the horizontal command bar will indicate at which angle you should pitch the aircraft in order to get back on the glideslope. For instance, if you are above the glideslope beam, the FD will indicate you to pitch down. As soon as the pilot centers the horizontal command bar, it means that the pilot has achieved the correct pitch angle in order to return on the ILS glideslope beam.

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