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The auto-throttle:

1 – can capture and maintain the N1 RPM
2 – can capture and maintain the N2 RPM
3 – can capture and maintain an IAS
4 – is always engaged automatically at the same time as the autopilot

The combination that regroups all of the correct statements is:

  • A
    1, 3, 4.
  • B
    1, 3.
  • C
    1, 4.
  • D
    2, 3.

On a large commercial aircraft, the auto-throttle system usually has the following modes of operation: SPEED/MACH mode (holding of IAS/Mach number) and THRUST mode (N1 or EPR hold). In fact, the autopilot pitch channel and the auto-throttle system work together. The operating mode of one will determine the operating mode of the other.

In order to know in which mode the auto-throttle is engaged, the crew will check the FMA – Flight Mode Annunciator (=mode annunciator panel).

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