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Aircraft in flight may receive weather information from several sources. Which of the following is correct?
  • A
    An ATS unit cannot provide aerodrome forecasts as part of a Flight Information Service.
  • B
    VOLMET broadcasts recent METAR and SPECI reports for a group of aerodromes.
  • C
    Any thunderstorms seen by another aircraft in flight will be subject to a special report.
  • D
    ATIS broadcasts the TAF and METAR for the aerodrome which transmits it.
When an aircraft is in flight, the pilots are interested in meteorological conditions at specific airports, especially on international routes. Therefore, a system called VOLMET has been implemented which provides METAR and TAF reports but also TRENDs and SIGMETs of large airports worldwide. The frequencies used are VHF and HF, and VOLMET information can be received even at long distances to those airports

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