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The radar controller instructs you: "ADVISE IF ABLE TO PROCEED PARALLEL OFFSET". What does he/she want you to tell him/her? Whether you can...
  • A
    return to track under your own navigation if the controller vectors you off track.
  • B
    overtake another aircraft flying in the same direction.
  • C
    join formation with another aircraft travelling on the same track.
  • D
    maintain a track parallel to the one for which you have already been cleared.
When on RNAV routes, the flight crew may be asked to fly parallel offset, which means that the aircraft is requested to fly not on the actual route, but parallel with it, either left or right, at a specified distance.

ICAO Doc 4444 Instructions Associated with Flying a Track (OFFSET), Parallel to the Cleared route

b) PROCEED OFFSET (distance) RIGHT/LEFT OF (route) (track) [CENTRE LINE] [AT (significant point or time)] [UNTIL (significant point or time)];
c) CANCEL OFFSET (instructions to rejoin cleared flight route or other information).

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