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In the short term memory, information is stored for approximately..
  • A
    5 minutes.
  • B
    a couple of days.
  • C
    20 seconds.
  • D
    1 hour.

Refer to figure.


Otherwise known as working memory, this is for data that is used and forgotten almost instantly. The capacity of the working memory is limited to 5 plus/minus 2 items (7 plus/minus 2 accrding to the old syllabus), which can be stored for an average period of 15 to 20 seconds. Some information can last in short-term memory for up to a minute if rehearsal strategies are used. The information in short-term memory is also highly susceptible to interference. Any new information that enters short-term memory will quickly displace old information. Similar items in the environment can also interfere with short-term memories

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