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What is an example of an external error caused due to economical reasons?
  • A
    Distractions from the cabin crew which lead to the pilots missing an ATC clearance.
  • B
    Pilots accepting a shorter ATC clearance. Upon arrival, they realise that they are coming in too high and unstable on the approach.
  • C
    Pilots missing a checklist’s item during pre-flight preparation.
  • D
    Challenging weather conditions.

Three categories of stressors can be distinguished:

Environmental Stressors – These include all factors from workplace environment and outside world. Climatic changes, low humidity in the cockpit, noise, vibration and trans meridian travel with disruption of circadian rhythm are common environmental stressors for pilots.

Economical Stressors – These include every factor which is money related. It may be related to the pilot’s private financial situation or that of his employer and may have an impact on the safety of his job. Some of these stressors are listed below:
  • Low salary;
  • Shortening turnaround times as much as possible;
  • Accepting short cuts in order to save fuel and time, which may endanger the flight;
  • Flying with marginal fuel reserves in order to carry more payload.
Social Stressors – These result from interaction with other people which can occur either in the workplace or at home. An example may be a conflict with another crew member.

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