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Alcohol when initially consumed causes an individual to..
  • A
    be physically more active.
  • B
    have improved vision.
  • C
    speak fast and loudly.
  • D
    feel more relaxed.


Alcohol acts as a sedative, so it can help you feel more at ease. It may make you feel more socially confident at a party or help you forget your worries. However, these benefits are short term. When we drink alcohol it disrupts the balance of chemicals and processes in the brain. These effects wear off fast and the pleasant feelings fade. If you rely on alcohol to mask your anxiety problems, you may find you become reliant on it to relax, which may lead to alcohol addiction. A likely side-effect of this is that the more you drink the greater your tolerance for alcohol will be. Over time you may need to drink more alcohol to get the same feeling. In the long term this pattern of alcohol use may affect your mental health.

When alcohol consumption gets out of control, you may find yourself on a dangerous path toward addiction. Alcoholism is described as a chronic continual drinking or periodic consumption of alcohol which is characterized by impaired control over drinking and frequent episodes of intoxication. Those who struggle with alcohol dependence lose the ability to make good choices and often find themselves facing a judge for a variety of reasons. From driving under the influence and stealing to get more alcohol to child neglect and domestic issues, the list can be a long and painful one. 

If you drink heavily for a long time, you might have problems when you stop or cut back how much alcohol you drink. This is called alcohol withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms happen because the brain and body are trying to return to a state of equilibrium, where they do not need alcohol to function. Unfortunately, the intensity and pain of these withdrawal symptoms can compel someone to start drinking again to escape the pain and soothe their emotional distress.


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