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Which of the following statements is correct regarding decision making?
  • A
    Deciding means applying an automatic procedure.
  • B
    Deciding means being able to come up with original solutions.
  • C
    Deciding means choosing between alternatives.
  • D
    Deciding means imposing one’s point of view.


A decision is supposed to be the end result of a chain of events involving judgement, after which you choose between alternatives. Decision making is a standardized process involving the collection of information from all available sources. It can be defined as the conscious choice between different possible solutions for achieving a goal.

Some steps involved with making a decision are to:

  • Gather all relevant information and analyze the facts (objective criteria).
  • Analyze alternatives, keeping situational awareness and using risk assessment. Compare the situation with previous situation encountered (subjective criteria). When in haste, correct analysis may be bypassed in favour of a decision prepared beforehand.
  • Decide and do – make your choice and act on it, although other factors may affect the quality of your decision and your ability to implement it.
  • Evaluate the outcome – and be prepared to start all over again.
The aim of decision making is normally unambiguous however, the personal preference of options to achieve that aim will be influenced by a host of variables, such as the personality and biases of the decision maker.

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