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CRM and MCC training are designed to improve:
  • A
    The quality of crew performance
  • B
    Individual efficiency and contribution
  • C
    Individual achievement
  • D
    The quality and a number of individuals’ performance

Crew Resource Management (CRM) will teach techniques for sharing and allocating tasks to prevent any one individual becoming overloaded and will highlight the effective use of all members’ knowledge to increase the range of possible responses. It should improve everyone’s awareness of the situation, and, by combined efforts, allow for the creation of new ideas.

Multi-crew Cooperation (MCC) training focus is on learning and showing skills in leadership, teamwork, decision-making and communication. Its aim is to teach novice pilots how to effectively work together in a multi-pilot crew environment and how to adopt synergistic behaviour when on the flight deck.

CRM is not so much concerned with the technical knowledge and skills required to fly and operate an aircraft but rather with the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to manage the flight within an organised aviation system. The relevant aspects of this concept include efficient and effective communication, cross-checking and monitoring procedures, good leadership and knowledge on the concept of pilot flying (PF) and pilot monitoring (PM) as well as associated distribution of tasks

=> CRM and MCC training are designed to improve the quality of crew performance.

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