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(For this question use annex 061-9441A).
Complete line 5 of the 'FLIGHT NAVIGATION LOG', positions 'J' to 'K'. What is the HDG°(M) and ETA?
  • A
    HDG 337° - ETA 14:22 UTC
  • B
    HDG 320° - ETA 14:32 UTC
  • C
    HDG 337° - ETA 13:22 UTC
  • D
    HDG 320° - ETA 14:12 UTC

CAS to TAS with your flight computer

  1. Set pressure altitude in the window opposite the OAT in Celsius.

  2. Without moving the computer’s scales, read TAS on the outer scale opposite to CAS.

Set PA 10 000 against -10ºC, opposite to CAS 150 kts read TAS 173 kts.

Determining Heading and G/S with the flight computer:

  1. Set Wind Direction under True Index.

  2. Mark wind Velocity up from center point (100 kts).

  3. Set True Course under True Index.

  4. Slide wind Velocity mark to True Air Speed.

  5. Ground Speed reads under center.

  6. WCA reads between center line and wind velocity mark.

Drift or drift angle, is the angular difference between the track of the aircraft across and it's heading.
Always remember that the drift angle is always measured with reference to the heading.
The heading is the direction in witch the the aircraft’s nose is pointing for.

Wind Correction Angle is the angular value opposite to the drift angle, and it refers to the heading angle correction in order to keep your aircraft in the desired track.

Read WCA 10º L on the flight computer, heading = 330º - 10º = 320º (T). G/S = 171 kts.

True heading


Magnetic heading (M)


Compass heading




FT JK = 275 / 171 = 01º37’

ETA K = 12º45’ + 01º37’ = 14’22º

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