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Refer to "E LO 2" chart from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
Aircraft heading is 190°(M) and both DME distances are decreasing. Determine the aircraft’s position, given:

MARHAM TACAN (MAM, N52º39', E000º33'E) DME 44 NM,
TRENT VOR/DME (TNT, N53°03', W001°40') DME 62 NM.

  • A
    52°18’N; 000°30’W
  • B
    53°15’N; 000°12’W
  • C
    53°19’N; 000°00’E/W
  • D
    53°55’N; 000°37’E

Refer to figure.

  1. Locate MARHAM and TRENT.

  2. Using a compass, measure the distance of 62 NM. This can be measured against a meridian, remember that 1º measured along a meridian of longitude equals 60 NM.

  3. Draw a circle with a radius of 62 NM with its centre over TRENT VOR.

  4. Repeat step 2. But in this case for a distance of 44 NM.

  5. Draw a circle with a radius of 44 NM with its centre over MARHAM TACAN.

  6. The circles will intersect at 2 positions, as you can see in the attached figure. Note that the question states that the DME distances are decreasing and the aircraft is on a MH of 190º. Therefore, the aircraft must be located NW of MARHAM TACAN. Position: N53°19’, 000°00’ E/W

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