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Given the follofing information, calculate the TAS.

Altitude: 2000 ft
OAT: +10°C
IAS/CAS: 135 kt.

  • A
    133 kt
  • B
    188 kt
  • C
    195 kt
  • D
    139 kt

CAS to TAS with your flight computer

  1. Set pressure altitude in the window opposite the OAT in Celsius.

  2. Without moving the computer’s scales, read TAS on the outer scale opposite to CAS.

If the aircraft is flying in excess of 300 kts, a larger uncorrected compressibility error rises.
Any conversion from CAS to TAS results in TAS higher than 300 kts a a correction has to be made using the compressibility factor or using the compressibility window in your flight computer.

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