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(For this question use annex 033-143 rev. 05.11.2004).
Given: Planning data as shown in the Flight Log excerpt (Fuel Planning Section). After a balked landing at the destination airport, you have to divert to the alternate airport with the gear extended.

The re-calculated flight time to the alternate due to the reduced speed is 1 h 20 min and the fuel flow will be 720 kg/h. Final Reserve Fuel remains unchanged. What will be the estimated landing mass at the alternate airport?

  • A
    6749 kg
  • B
    6175 kg
  • C
    5669 kg
  • D
    5320 kg
We are given quite a lot of information, however, this question is quite simple and solved in 2 easy steps:
(1) Calculate the Fuel Consumed to reach the alternate, when: Fuel Flow = 720 kg/h and flight time = 1h 20
  • 720 kg/h x 1 h 20 = 960 kg
(2) The estimated landing mass at the alternate airport will be equal to the Landing Mass at Destination (found in the attcahed Flight Log excerpt) minus the Fuel Consumed to reach the alternate:
  • 6629 kg - 960 kg = 5669 kg

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