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In the ATC flight plan item 15, it is necessary to enter any point at which a change of cruising speed takes place. For this purpose a "change of speed" is defined as:
  • A
    20 km per hour or 0.1 Mach or more
  • B
    20 knots or 0.05 Mach or more
  • C
    5 % TAS or 0.01 Mach or more
  • D
    10 % TAS or 0.05 Mach or more
ICAO Doc 4444
Appendix 2

(3) Change of speed or level (maximum 21 characters)
The point at which a change of speed (5% TAS or 0.01 Mach or more) or a change of level is planned to commence, expressed exactly as in (2) above, followed by an oblique stroke and both the cruising speed and the cruising level, expressed exactly as in (a) and (b) above, without a space between them, even when only one of these quantities will be changed.
Examples: LN/N0284A045

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