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Refer to Chart "E LO 1" from Jeppesen GSPRM 2017.
Which of the following is a correctly specified navaid from which you can get a bearing at KIRKWALL (EGPA, N58°58' W002°54')?
  • A
    VOR KW, 108.6 MHz
  • B
    VOR channel 58 - 47
  • C
    NDB KW, 395 kHz
  • D
    VOR/DME KWL, 118.3 MHz

Refer to figure.
Notice on the chart under KIRKWALL, it is mentioned the NDB frequency 395 KHz (395 KW). The NDB can provide a bearing.

VOR/DME KWL (frequency 108.6 MHz) can also provide a bearing and a distance, however this option is not available.

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