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Refer to figure.
The cabin altitude of an aeroplane is 6000 ft. Following a requirement to reduce the differential pressure to 7 psi, what is the maximum aeroplane pressure altitude that can be maintained in order to maintain the same cabin altitude?
  • A
    23000 ft
  • B
    19000 ft
  • C
    32000 ft
  • D
    28000 ft

Refer to figure.
Consulting the table provided: when the cabin altitude equals 6 000 ft, the corresponding cabin pressure is 11.78 psi.
Assuming that you maintain this cabin pressure (11.78 psi), regardless of your real altitude, and you want a pressure differential of 7 psi, you have to be at a real altitude at which the ambient pressure is 4.78 psi (11.78 - 7) => as you can see in the attached figure, this real altitude is 28 000 ft.

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