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The purpose of magnetic chip detectors is to:
  • A
    increase lubricating oil adhesion to main surfaces.
  • B
    warn of impending failure.
  • C
    remove large items of debris from the system.
  • D
    perform the function of a micron filter.
Most of the engine’s elements are ferrous (bearings, shafts, etc.) and the continuous friction between them will induce gradual wear with time. Small magnetic plugs are fitted into the lubrication system at specific positions to trap the worn residuals. The accumulation of debris on the magnetic plug will indicate the source and the rate of wear and will trigger a warning of impending failure without having to remove the filters for inspection. Electrical contacts will be fitted to the magnetic plugs so that in case of significant build-up, the circuit closes and activates a warning light in the flight deck.

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