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The purpose of baffles in an aeroplane`s wing fuel tank is to..
  • A
    restrict fuel movement in the tank.
  • B
    prevent the fuel from flowing in the vent lines.
  • C
    prevent mixture of the fuel and hydraulic fluid.
  • D
    prevent overpressure in the tank.

BAFFLES are fitted in the fuel tanks to help in keeping the fuel from sloshing around, dampening rapid fuel movement during aircraft manoeuvres (acceleration/deceleration/sideslip/etc). Large aircraft may be fitted with baffle check valves which allow the fuel to flow inboard but not outboard towards the wingtips.

  • Why are Baffles important?
    Consider a sudden pitch-up into a climb, or a sudden acceleration: Now the fuel will rush backwards, shifting the center of gravity backwards. If this happens suddenly and the fuel starts oscillating, the aircraft would fly a wavy flightpath without pilot input.


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