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Where operationally necessary, an aerodrome beacon shall be provided at an airfield:
  • A
    when the airfield is used for night operations.
  • B
    when the airfield is operating mainly in VMC.
  • C
    when the the airfield is accepting VFR traffic only.
  • D
    when the the airfield is acting as base for SAR operations.

Refer to figure.
ICAO Annex 14
5.3.3 Aeronautical beacons

Application Where operationally necessary an aerodrome beacon or an identification beacon shall be provided at each aerodrome intended for use at night. The operational requirement shall be determined having regard to the requirements of the air traffic using the aerodrome, the conspicuity of the aerodrome features in relation to its surroundings and the installation of other visual and non-visual aids useful in locating the aerodrome.

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