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Regarding all-weather operations, if VAT is from 91 kts to 120 kts, the aeroplane is in:
  • A
    category C
  • B
    category B
  • C
    category D
  • D
    category E

Regulation (EU) 2019/1384
CAT.OP.MPA.320 Aeroplane categories

(a) Aeroplane categories shall be based on the indicated airspeed at threshold (VAT) which is equal to the stalling speed (VSO) multiplied by 1,3 or one-g (gravity) stall speed (VS1g) multiplied by 1,23 in the landing configuration at the maximum certified landing mass. If both VSO and VS1g are available, the higher resulting VAT shall be used.
(b) The aeroplane categories specified in the table below shall be used.

Table 1: Aeroplane categories corresponding to VAT values

Aeroplane category VAT
A Less than 91 kt
B From 91 to 120 kt
C From 121 to 140 k
D From 141 to 165 kt
E From 166 to 210 kt

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