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Unaccompanied baggage to be carried by air shall be cleared under the procedures applicable for…

  • A
    cargo but the requested customs clearance documents provided by airlines shall be completed by the passenger prior to shipment.
  • B
    cargo but shall be not subject to any kind of declaration forms.
  • C
    accompanied baggage, or under another simplified customs procedure distinct from that normally applied to cargo.
  • D
    cargo when covered by a traffic document.

ICAO Annex 9 - Definitions

Unaccompanied baggage. Baggage that is transported as cargo and may or may not be carried on the same aircraft with the person to whom it belongs.

Chapter 4. Entry and Departure of Cargo and other Articles
D. Release and clearance of import cargo

4.28 - Consignments declared as personal effects and transported as unaccompanied baggage shall be cleared under simplified arrangements.

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